Dear 2019,

I woke on your first day feeling terrible. Not because I had a hangover, no, I felt terrible because realized that during 2018 I haven’t accomplished even 50% of what I wanted. And I have no excuses for that. And it really sucks. I’ve been debating should I make resolutions or not this time and as you can see I’m here writing this. I promise, 2019, I’ll be…

In 2018 I promised to lose weight and failed. I started dieting, lost weight, started overeating and gained weight back. And that triggered my eating disorder and some chronical diseases I have. So for 2019, my goal is not to lose weight, my goal is to start eating healthier, drinking more water and exercising more. Hopefully, this will not only improve my overall health but also improve my skin condition and help me to lose some weight.


I feel like I’ve been slacking on self-education. There was a period when I haven’t touched any books from my to-read list. Not gonna happen this time. I’ve devoted a whole page for a brand new to-read list in my bullet journal which includes not only fiction but also some non-fiction titles and I’m committed to reading them all this year.


Let me admit this. I’ve been lazy in 2018. Gave up on writing my blog (and now it feels weird starting it all over again), created second Instagram but couldn’t be there as active as I’d like to. Even now, on January 17, I still haven’t finished this post though I promised myself to publish it before 10th. Oh well… Anyways, my plan is to be more self-organized and self-disciplined in order to accomplish as many plans and projects as I possibly can.


I haven’t been in a good place psychologically for a huge part of 2018 and I want to be like that anymore. It’s time to stop whining about everything, try to find and embrace good parts of my life and finally be happy.


This is more a summary of everything I’ve mentioned before. All my plans definitely need dedication and (again) a lot of self-discipline, so I need to keep going even if it’s hard, I need to keep pushing even if I feel like giving up on everything, I need to smile even if I want to cry. And I will. I promise, 2019, I will be strong.

So, there were my New Year’s resolutions for 2019. As you can see, there’s nothing specific but not all resolutions should be specific, right? A couple of days ago I posted this on my Twitter but why not write it here once again? Everybody needs to believe in something. I choose to believe in myself.

Believe in yourself, guys, and there’ll be nothing impossible for you.

Thank you for hanging out with me today!

Until next time.




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