Hey guys!

I’ve been absent on this blog for a hot minute. I have no excuses, just needed some time to rethink things I do in life. I’ve been trying to sleep a lot, eat more healthy foods, take long evening walks and all this time I was thinking, thinking, thinking… And the more I’ve been thinking the more thoughts came to my mind, you know, like a fly who’s trying to free itself from a spider’s web but ends up stuck even more. Same thing here. Endless questions: who am I? what I want to do? is what I’m doing right now right? and so on and so forth.

Now I’m back and some changes decided to come along. I’ve realized that I really like blogging and can’t do without writing posts and sharing my thoughts but I wasn’t satisfied with how I’d been doing it before. So this post is a new start for my blog and I want to share a bit what is going to happen here next.

Since I’m living in Japan, I’d love to share my experience here. I wrote some posts about Japan in the past but mostly dedicated my blog to beauty stuff, which is now going to be on Instagram, though, old posts are not going anywhere and will remain on this page. This blog is going to be like my diary, where I will write about my everyday life in Japan, things that you come across as a foreigner in Japan, some events I may attend and things related to learning Japanese. So let’s see how it turns out.

Here’s the end of this little info post, just to let you know that things on this blog are going to change and what to expect. I haven’t been writing any posts for a long, long time so this post may seem all over the place, sorry about that haha.

Thanks for reading and see you in my next post!




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