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Hey guys!

I’ve always been one of those people who chooses something and sticks to it for a long time. I constantly surfing through various websites and try out new things. And my diet is no exception. I think, there’s no surprise that one day I woke up and decided to look more into a vegetarian diet and try it out myself. I thought, that it could be a good experience and so beneficial for my health that I even would stick to it for a long time. Spoiler: I dropped it after a few months. If you’d like to know why keep on reading.

To begin with I’d like to clear one thing: when I said that I decided to look more into a vegetarian diet I meant that I tried to find every single piece of information out there (like what nutrients are vital, what I can replace meat with, etc.) and even consulted with my doctor. To tell the truth, she wasn’t happy with my decision but said that it’s none of her business and I can try if I want since I health no health issues.

So after a while, I decided that I’m ready to change my lifestyle (cause food is basically my whole life lol) and choose to go Lacto-Ovo vegetarian which means that I excluded meat and fish but still consumed eggs and dairy products like cheese, milk, yogurts and cottage cheese. The first week or so was really difficult since my body wasn’t used to living without meat or fish, I really craved for chicken salad or some sushi. But eventually, I got used to being a vegetarian and everything seemed perfect. I didn’t notice any improvements in my health which I read about in soooo many articles but I decided just to give this some more time to see if it actually would make anything better.


A couple of months passed, I was committed to my diet and was leading a normal life. But you read the spoiler and already now that things are about to go downhill. One day I went to a cafe with a friend of mine and during our conversation, she just looked at me and said: “Are you not sleeping well lately?”. Honestly, I was really confused by her question cause I really couldn’t get what made her think that. So I asked and she told me that I never had such dark circles under my eyes before. When I can home and took off my makeup I started to examine my face in the mirror and noticed that I not only had only dark circles (mind you, I never had a need in using concealer under my eyes before that moment) but the state of my skin, in general, became worse. Since I never was a teen with a perfect skin I didn’t really pay close attention to all the spots on my face but I obviously had more pimples than I used to, plus my skin became pretty dull. Actually, the idea of my diet being the cause of my problems didn’t come to my mind for some time. I blamed my skincare, drinking not enough water, touching my face too often, basically every single standard thing that may cause breakouts. And one day I met a woman I know who works as a cosmetologist and during our chitchat mentioned that I’m not satisfied with my appearance at that time at all. She immediately asked: “Do you eat meat?” and told me that sometimes a vegetarian diet can cause some people various skin problems even though they consume all the nutrients they need to lead a healthy life. Such people are simply not created to be vegetarians and apparently, I’m one of them.

I won’t say that all my problems were solved by themselves as soon as I started eating meat and fish. No, that definitely not the case. It took me a long long time. But I want to say is that I should’ve done better and have a proper examination. Like the one which offers called “Should I be vegan?“. It checks if you are allergic to any of the most common meat and dairy products. Or the one called “Vegan Nutritional Maintenance Panel” which checks if you have any nutritional deficiency (i.e. B-12, zinc, folic acid, etc). offers not only vegan tests but also a huge variety of other options like allergy tests, tests for different organs (kidneys, liver, heart, etc), blood tests and many more, I’m sure everybody can find something for themselves. I also really like how easy is the process of placing the order: you just need to add a test of your choice, choose a lab near you, fill in information about you and payment method and you are done. The only thing that really disappointed me is that they are only US based and I cannot actually take one of their tests. But if you are in the United States and if you actually want to order one of the vegan tests, kindly provided me a discount code KIRAKIRATSU25 for 25% off.

To sum up, the reason why I told you my story is not to tell that vegetarian or vegan diet is bad for you, no, nothing like that at all, you can eat whatever you like and whatever you think is right for you. My reasoning behind this post is that you should be extremely thoughtful when you make any decisions which can influence your health, do your research and triple check everything because there’s nothing more important and valuable than your health.

I also want to say big thank you to for reaching out to me and helping me to bring this post to life. It was a huge honor to work with them and I hope that you at least check them out.

Also, I would really appreciate if you leave your opinion in the comment section down below.

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4 thoughts on “MY VEGETARIAN STORY

  1. This was such an interesting read. My docter advices against a vegetarian diet and I believe it was for this reason! Thanks for sharing ❤


  2. I’m glad you shared your story lovely. I’ve never fully tried going vegetarian or vegan but if I ever was to try it out, I will take your advice and do my research and consult with my doctor.


  3. I’ve been a vegetarian for about 3 weeks now. My skin has pimples, but I had them in the past. Idk you scared me with this, I’ll pay closer attention. Great and informative post, though ❤


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