Hey guys!

Tomorrow is the departure day. A flight from Moscow to Tokyo takes more than 9 hours (in my case, more than 14 hours) and the only thing I have in mind – how am I going to survive it? If you are, like me, not from the group of lucky, no not just lucky, blessed people who are okay with long-haul flights, then definitely stay tuned for some tips on how to get through a long flight.

Before the flight

  • Pack everything you’ll need on the board in advance (not in the last moment like I usually do). This will help you to feel less stressed and sure that you didn’t forget anything. You can check my ultimate carry-on packing list here!
  • Be careful with food. Try to avoid unfamiliar or heavy food in order to avoid sickness. Flights are not easy by themselves and we don’t want to add extra inconveniences, do we?
  • Think through your outfit. I used to think more about how good I look than how good I feel. And this was my biggest mistake ever. Dress as comfortable as you possibly can, don’t repeat my mistakes, and if you need, take an extra set of clothes with you in your carry-on bag and change after the flight.
  • Pick your seat in advance. Just to make sure that you actually get what you want.

During the flight

  • Stay hydrated. Nobody would argue, planes are super dry, so take care of your body and drink enough water.
  • Get some sleep. It can be difficult(especially for me, because I have a day flight and thanks to the difference in time zones I’ll arrive in the morning) but there are a lot of ways to promote sleepiness. I asked my fellow bloggers on Twitter for some tips on how to fall asleep on a plane and here are some recommendations: take melatonin (Alice from Sincerely, Alice), create a relaxing playlist and listen to it during your flight (Madi from Madi Dearson), use a face mask (Victoria from Parfait Doll).
  • Be active. This may be contradictory to the previous point but trust me, you don’t want to spend several hours in your plane seat and end up with swollen legs or sore muscles. Take a short walk, do a bit of exercise, stretch your joints, just move.
  • Entertain yourself. If you can’t sleep on planes, long-haul flights can become a real torture. I remember my first long-haul flight: I read through the magazine which they have on board for several times, films that they could offer weren’t interesting for me and my tablet battery died because I played games non-stop. I looked around and every single person from my group was asleep. It was a real-life nightmare. That’s why since then I always take my chargers and a book and some writing materials in case I get tired of gadgets.
  • Freshen up. I always take some skincare products, a toothbrush and a small tube of toothpaste, deodorant, dry shampoo and makeup in my carry-on luggage because I instantly feel a million times better if I feel more or less fresh, smell good and don’t look like a zombie.

So, here’s a list of things that really help me to survive a long flight and look presentable right after. Hope you found this tips interesting and helpful! Do you have any tips that help you during the flight? Share them in the comments down below, I love to hear your thoughts! That’s all for today, this post was the last in my pre-Japan life and the next one will be from Japan, I’m so excited to share my adventures with you!

Till next time!



22 thoughts on “HOW TO SURVIVE A FLIGHT

  1. I hope you have a safe flight tomorrow! I’m so excited to see what Japan brings to you. Great tips on surviving a long flight too! These will definitely help me on my next long flight 😊

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  2. I use to fly back and forth between home and the US a lot. 11 hours on average. an nightmare for someone like me who is a control freak and can’t fall asleep in a public place because of it. These days I mostly fly with my kids so it’s even more of a challenge:) other then my playlists, I download TV shows for the kids, create crafts sets for them, load up my kindle with books I know I would love, I dress everybody in layers we can put on and off easily, water and snacks, rescue drops. Have a safe trip!

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  3. I always download lots of podcasts before I fly so I don’t have to pay extra for in-flight WiFi. Dressing for comfort rather than style is really important too. I’ve never been on an international flight, but I have flown from Alaska to Florida a couple times, which is a crazy flight in itself!

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  4. I have never even been on a plane let alone a long haul flight but have taken many a road trip in a car, My longest was 18 hours on a coach (school trip to France) and it was awful! My legs ached and all I could think about was stretching luckily we stopped for a stretch every 5 hours or so but it was horrendous! Would not recommend! Hopefully your trip all goes to plan! You seem well organised so fingers crossed you’ll be okay 💓

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  5. I’m so excited for your adventures in Japan! I personally don’t mind long flights as long as the movie selection is good (I actually prefer to just stay awake as long as I can and sleep once I arrive). Comfort is key. Hope your trip was good and not turbulent! X

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  6. I am stealing all these ideas for when I travel home!!! I always forget something! And it’s annoying espwially when waiting for the flight and layovers!!! Good job most airports are well equipped hahaha!!

    Safe travels my friend :)! Can’t wait for ALL the updates!!! And hey if our are still in japan and I visit, let’s meet up!!!!!!! Or if you fly to Korea, since we are neighbors…let’s meet!!!

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    1. Omg, hearing that someone actually going to use these ideas is an honor for me!! Thank you so much, Kelly! Really want to meet you and looking forward to it!!💕


  7. Great tips! Especially being active! I was always embarassed to get up and disturb other people, but now I just reserve an aisle seat and move around as often as I can (stretching in the back where the free drinks are haha) and it made such a difference. Most of my long-haul trips are over 20 hours with changing planes and all that, so I’m extra careful to have everything I need.
    Have a safe flight! xx

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