Hey guys!

Not long time ago I got some new stuff from Physicians Formula and realized that I have enough products to do my whole (well, almost) makeup using only products from this brand. As I said before, I think, that this “Full face using only…” series is a great opportunity to tell you a bit about my favorites and share my opinion on products I used for the first time. So, without further ado, let’s go straight to the makeup.

Foundation and concealer

Here’s a part where I break the rules. Again. I don’t have any foundations or concealers by this brand just because unfortunately I don’t fit into their shade range. So, I use my trusty old Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in the shade 13 Bright Beige and Catrice Liquid Camouflage Concealer in the shade 005 LIght Natural.


For powder, I have Mineral Wear Mineral Correcting Powder. You may have seen it in my tutorial (you can read it here) and all I can say is that I really love this powder. It perfectly sets my makeup, has a delicate satin finish and does a great job at lightening a bit one of my foundations which doesn’t really suit my skin color. But I think this powder won’t suit someone whose skin is darker than mine (in other words, it won’t suit people who are not white as paper) because it’s super pale.  There’s also a little brush (which is too harsh to use) and a mirror under the powder.

PF Powder


Here I have 2 products. One of them is Eye Booster 4-in-1 Brow Boosting Kit. It consists of a brow pencil, highlighting pencil, brow gel, and brow brush. I really really like this kit because it’s easy to use for brow noobs like me and it has a natural finish. Brow gel has a light tint to it and does a great job at fixing brows without making them flat and hard as stone. Brow brush helps if you accidentally made your brows bolder than intended and combs (if I can say this) brow hairs perfectly.

PF Brows 2PF Brow GelPF Brow Brush


PF Brow Swatches
Left to right: brow gel, highlight, brow pencil



The other one is Feather Brow Fiber&Highlighter Duo. Okay, this stuff is crazy. I must admit that I never ever in my life worked with fiber brow products. First of all, fibers went all over my clothes (and my background when I made photos of the product itself so I’m sorry if you see some dark weird stuff in some other photos). My brows are pretty thin so it was difficult for me to fill them in, especially the tail, and not go overboard.The highlight side is okay but it’s a bit too dark for my skin tone though it’s a really beautiful golden shade.

PF Brows 1PF Brow HighlightPF FiberDSC00781_Fotor



For eyeshadows, I chose Eyeshadow Quad in the shade Classic Nude and Shimmer Strips Extreme in the shade Pink.

The Eyeshadow quad has 2 matte shades and 2 shimmer shades. Matte shades are really nice and pigmented. I used the lightest matte (beige) in my crease and the darkest one (warm brown) to darken the outer corner and on the lower lid. Shimmer shades are the weirdest formula ever. They are super pigmented, have no fallout and a bit chunky (you can see small chunks of eyeshadows on the swatches) but the only way I can describe is rough. I was really surprised at how firm they feel when I first touched them.

PF Eyeshadow quadPF Eyeshadow quad swatches

The Shimmer Strips palette is the second thing I didn’t like. As much as I love sparkly things, these eyeshadows are not for me. Glitter went everywhere (I feel like I still have glitter bits on my arm after swatches) and I simply don’t like how these shadows look on my eyes, for some reason, they look better on swatches than on the lid, though I applied them with my finger. Also, they are super chunky. I used the peachy shade (the third one from the right) on my lid and decided that I don’t want to use other ones.

PF ShimmerPF Shimmer swatches


Here I have the Shimmer Strips Extreme eyeliner trio which consists of three double-ended (crayon & liquid liner) liners in gold, brown and black. I don’t know why but the black in this Shimmer set is matte. These eyeliners are okay, I frequently use the gold liquid liner in my inner corners but the black liner is a bit patchy and you need to build it for the full opacity.

PF Shimmer eyelinerPF Shimmer eyeliners swatches

For standard eyeliner, I used Eyebooster eyeliner in the shade Deep brown. It’s one of my all-time favorite eyeliners and I use it almost every day. It has a brush tip applicator which is the most comfortable for me when it comes to drawing wings. The Ultimate black shade I use more for special occasions. These liners don’t smudge, leak and, what’s more important, don’t irritate my eyes.

PF LinersPF Liners swatches


Another favorite of mine, Organic Wear Jumbo mascara. I first heard about this mascara from Tati GlamLifeGuru in one of her videos and, since I trust her opinion, decided to try it. And I’m really happy I did. Because I love, no, I LOVE this mascara. I use it when I need to do very natural makeup and I also can build it to have long voluminous lashes without making them too heavy or clumpy. Jumbo mascara doesn’t smudge (and I don’t look like a panda at the end of the day) and doesn’t irritate my eyes. It has a cute design and plastic brush.

PF JumboPF Jumbo wand

This is how my finished eye makeup looks.


Contour and bronzer

I’m not a big fan of contouring because I don’t really like how my face looks with contoured cheekbones but contouring sometimes looks good on photos that’s why I decided to try out this palette. The highlighting shade is like a powder for me (though it’s a bit too yellow and dark for me) and I haven’t used the bronzing powder yet. The contour shade is a perfect cool-toned powder for me and doesn’t look orange or muddy on my face. Like the powder (and other Physicians formula compacts), it has a section with mirror and a brush under the powders. Unlike other brushes, this one is really soft and you can actually use it to contour your face, it blends everything really well.

PF ContourPF Contour swatches

For bronzing, I used the famous Butter Bronzer in the lightest shade. Frankly speaking, I use this bronzer more as an eyeshadow but from time to time I bronze my face with it, especially in the summer, to escape stupid questions like “Why are you so pale?” It has a satin finish and doesn’t look orange as many other bronzers do. And what I really like about this bronzer is its pina colada smell. It may sound super weird but when I feel down I take this bronzer and smell it, just because it reminds me of summer and instantly makes me feel better. It has a weird sponge applicator which I don’t really understand how to use.

PF Butter BronzerPF Butter Bronzer swatch


Physician Formula blushes are one of my favorites so here I have a variety to choose from. In the photo, you can see only 3(Nude wear blush, Happy Booster blush and Butter Blush in the shade Nude Silk) but I actually have 4. Because of packing and all that stuff, I couldn’t find the Butter Blush in the shade Rosy Pink, the gorgeous cool-toned pink (I found it but literally 10 minutes ago). All of them have mirrors and brushes and the Butter Blushes have these weird sponge thingies. For the look, I wanted something warm-toned so I decided to use Butter Blush in the shade Nude Silk.

PF Blush

PF Blush Swatches
Left to right: Happy booster, Butter blush, Nude wear



Another thing which I don’t like. On the swatch, it looks like a beautiful subtle highlighter but on my face I see glitter bits. And don’t get me wrong, I’m okay with glitter highlights,  I really like Lime Crime’s Hi-Lite Unicorns and Mermaids palette and I applied actual glitter as a highlighter but this one…something just doesn’t appeal to me. It’s a pass for me. I heard that Physicians Formula came out with Butter highlighter, so I really want to try that one.

PF HighlighterPF Highlighter swatches

Finished face makeup. Maybe contour, blush, and highlighter are not really visible here but I feel like my face looks more lively.



For the lip makeup, I have Hypoallergenic lipstick in the shade Red (nobody surprised and if you are new, hi, I’m obsessed with red lipsticks). It has a pretty unique shape which is perfect for swatches (which I, being a walking disaster I am, ruined) and I also thought that it’s perfect for doing gradient lips. So I did that. The formula is creamy, really hydrating and opaque with just one swipe.

PF LipstickPF Listick 2PF Lipstick swatch

For the lipgloss I used Argan wear lip oil (the pink one). It’s not steaky and doesn’t really have a tint. I also used the orange one before makeup as a lip balm, just to test if it hydrates my lips or not. It does. And it also has a cooling effect which is really pleasant.

PF Lip Oil

Here’s the finished look.


So, that’s all for today’s post. Physicians Formula has really bomb products, like Organic wear mascara and Eyebooster liners, and some misses, like the Shimmer Strips Extreme eyeshadows and Feather brow product.

Maybe this post seems like lacking in quality a bit but I really didn’t want to ignore beauty posts and tried to do my best in this circumstances. Hope you still enjoyed it!

Till next time!




  1. I dont feel like this post is lacking quality at all! In fact, i really liked your swatches and the face update with all the new products! I also love Missha products, so I dont mind that you ‘broke the rules’ lol. All the shadows seem so pigmented, color me impressed! As always, you look stunning 💜

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You made me very happy with this post because I ordered a bunch of their products for the first time, and from what I read here I should be pretty happy with it:) your full look at the end is as lovely as ever. FYI I LOVE your pale complexion. Perfect! Had the same issue for years, I live in a very sunny place and everyone is always tanned, me? Ghost pale as I was told a few times.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hope you liked products you’ve ordered if you’ve already got them (sorry, my reply is extremely late!) I love my pale skin but it’s sometimes annoying when people ask what’s “wrong” with me haha!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I really like the Shimmer Strips palette but that’s because recently I’ve been experimenting with shimmer eye looks ahaha. I really like the formula of the eyeliners, they look very smooth and that they would glide easily on the eyelid. Great look overall, I’d love to try these products 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh wow, that’s a lot of makeup! I love reading your views on the different make up you have used.
    I love the eyeliners, they look so sparkly!
    It’s a shame you didn’t like that Shimmers palette because I thought it looked cool :)!
    The Argan oil lip stick sounds and looks awesome! I like that there are no streaks and that it’s moisturize.
    I love all your pictures and even though some of the make up you didn’t like, they still looked great hahaha!


    Liked by 1 person

  5. I really like how you give your honest opinion on each product from the same brand! This is so much more helpful when it comes to reviews.
    Never got along with “fiber” anything in makeup, from mascara to brow products – glad I’m not alone there! But especially your first eyebrow turned out so nice! I love multi-use products and they’re great for noobs, as you say. 🙂
    Lovely result and the lip color looks gorgeous on you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Evy!
      Never actually tried fiber mascaras because the possibility of getting this weird fiber stuff in my eye terrifies me! And I also love multi-use products, they are amazing!


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