Hey everyone!

Recently I’ve decided to order a beauty box created by Russian beauty-blogger Maria Way. There are a lot of products I’ve wanted to try for a long time but for various reasons haven’t bought. And here they are, all in one box. Isn’t it a great opportunity to make quick reviews for each of them?

Before we move to the products inside the box I wanted to say that I absolutely love the box itself. It’s so simple yet so cute. The first things you see when you open the box is the letter from the creator, list of products with brief descriptions and prices, a tester of a perfume and a magazine (which I don’t really care about, to be honest). The products are covered in thin stripes of paper which remind me of a nest. Let’s have a look at what’s inside. (A quick note: I will write average price of each product in Russia and convert roubles into dollars)


Foreo Luna Play Plus

This is why I decided to order this box. I heard so many wonderful things about this Foreo brush but was not sure if I want to spend so much money on it. The manufacturer claims: “More gentle than any other deep cleansing brush, T-Sonic™ pulsations are diffused through soft silicone touch-points to gently unclog your pores to remove up to 99.5% of dirt and oil, plus dead skin cells and makeup residue. Using LUNA play plus twice a day wherever and whenever will leave your skin soft, smooth, and absolutely glowing!”(according to Foreo website) I use Foreo brush only for a few days and don’t see that my face became cleaner yet but I really like how it vibrates and lightly massages my face while washing off dirt and makeup residue, and leaves it smooth and clean.
Retail price: 4499 roubles (approx. $80). To be honest, this thing alone is more expensive than the whole box.


Vilenta 7Days Face Mask

My favorite part of skincare routine is face masks. So I’m always excited to try out something new, especially when it promises to moisturize and tighten pores. It contains willow extract which “gently cleanses, evens skin tone and shrinks pores”, hyaluronic acid and moisturizing complex to make skin more firm and elastic and cacao beans which “are filled with active ingredients that soften and nourish your skin, leaving it soft and velvety”. Though it’s supposed to be used “after a long work day”, I used it in the morning. It moisturized my skin well and I noticed that my pores were tightened a little bit.
Retail price: 70 roubles (approx. $1,2)



Catrice Glamour Doll Mascara

Despite my love for Catrice products, I’ve never tried any of their mascaras so I was happy to find out that Glamour Doll Mascara is included in this box. It has a cone-shaped elastomer brush, which I was a bit skeptical about because I prefer fiber ones. It claims to give your lashes extra volume, length, and density not weighing them down. This mascara did a great job at separating lashes but I didn’t notice much volume. It lasted well throughout the day, not smudged or flaked.
Retail price: 299 roubles (approx. $5,3)



Makeup Revolution Redemption Iconic 1 Eyeshadow Palette

As I said in my previous review post (you can read it here), I love Makeup Revolution. I already own two of their eyeshadow palettes so I kinda knew what to expect. First thought: it looks like Urban Decay Naked palette, though, I can be wrong because I don’t have the original Naked and judge only by photos. The eyeshadows are pigmented, not powdery, don’t have fallout and blend nicely. I applied them over NYX Proof it! eyeshadow primer like I usually do and they stayed well throughout the day.
Retail price: 490 roubles (approx. $8.6)


The only shade that didn’t swatch well was the black one (as you can see)

GOSH Primer Plus + Skin Adaptor

I don’t usually use primers because I don’t really see any difference in my makeup longevity. The claims are: “This unique multi-functional colour release primer enhances any skin tone with a healthy, even-toned glow. With a complex of anti-pollution ingredients, it fights free radical damage that can lead to visible aging. Skin looks smoother and more even-toned with a radiant finish. The PRIMER PLUS+ SKIN ADAPTOR ANTI-POLLUTION adds moisture, energy, and protects the skin all day.” (according to Superdrug website) Unfortunately, I couldn’t test this primer properly because it didn’t adapt to my skin tone and turned out to be way too dark for me. So, this product is a pass.
Retail price: 1050 roubles (approx. $18,5)




NYX Color Correcting Concealer Palette

I’m not a huge fan of color correctors because ones I tried were either overly pigmented and my foundation couldn’t cover them or blended out to nothing. These NYX color correctors turned out to be really good. They do a great job at color correcting (especially that peachy shade) and easily covered with foundation. They are also not oily or dry which was another huge problem with color correctors I tried before.
Retail price: 970 roubles (approx. $17)



Purple Tree Coconut Miracle Balm

I have super dry lips(especially now, when it’s -20°C outside) so I was excited to try this balm out and see if it can be a miracle for me. It claims to contain natural coconut oil and I also saw Aloe Vera leaf juice. It has a thick consistency a pleasant coconut smell. Even after one use, my lips felt nourished and super soft. So this balm really did wonders! It also can be used eyebrows and lashes, nails and cuticles and skin.
Retail price: 350 roubles (approx. $6)


Eva Mosaic 3-in-1 Highlighting Pencil

Eva Mosaic is an affordable Russian makeup brand. I tried some of their products before and was satisfied with their quality. This highlighting pen supposed to be used as eye highlight, kajal or eyeshadow. Basically, it’s a nude pencil. It’s really soft, easy-to-blend and doesn’t smudge when I apply it on my waterline.
Retail price: 220 roubles (approx. $3.8)


Gliss Kur Oil Nutritive Hair Repair Mask

This mask is mostly targeted at split ends which I, fortunately, don’t have. But still, this mask made my hair silky smooth and easy-to-comb.
Retail price: 290 roubles (approx. $5)


Essence Prismatic Hololighter

The only holo thing about this highlighter is the lid. Highlighter itself has a blueish-purple color which is not really suitable for an everyday wear. It blended nicely and didn’t lift foundation underneath. I’m not a big fan of cream highlighters but this one I really like.
Retail price: 285 roubles (approx. $5)


Petite Shop Sleeping Mask

I don’t think I need to say much about this mask. It’s just super cute. The front is really soft and the back is silky with a pocket where you can put a cooling pack. The elastic is stretchy and doesn’t squeeze my head like some others do. Also, it shed a little bit at first but not anymore.
Retail price: 350 roubles (approx. $6)


I tried to do a quick everyday makeup look using as many products from this box as I could and this how it turned out.

Not the best shot I could make but I was in a rush this morning. I used eyeshadow palette, mascara, eye pencil on my waterline, coconut balm and highlighter (which is not really visible here)

And here’s the makeup after 9 hours. As I said, eyeshadow stayed well, the mascara didn’t smudge but my lashes were facing a bit down(but that’s a normal thing). The highlighter didn’t last but what can you do when your face is an oily mess. And the pencil was also gone.


So, there was a quick review of Maria Way Princess Box. The total price of all products inside (including the magazine) is 8942 roubles (approx. $157,5) and I paid 2900 roubles (approx. $51). All in all, there was only one disappointing product and I think this was a great bargain.

Have you tried any of these products? What do you think? Share your opinion in the comments down below!

Till next time!




  1. I’ve never heard of a Foreo brush but that looked really different! I also think this box had good value! I would’ve loved to try that mascara! And this may be a dumb question as I’m an idiot when it comes to skin care and pores but is your pores feeling tighter a good quality or bad one?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow that’s an amazing bargain! I actually saw the Foreo brush in the mall the other day! Really wanted to try it out but I already have a Clarisonic so didn’t think it was worth spending extra money on another brush.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. That cute eye mask really got to me! I want one!
    So many interesting products, but the coconut balm caught my eyes~ Anything with coconut is good in my book, and my lips (and cuticles…) could use the extra moisture in winter, even if we don’t have -20C anymore!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Holy macaroni!! I want this box!! I want ALL the items in this box!! Even the one that was disappointing haha!
    The first product looks cool and can’t believe it costs most than the box alone.
    You’ve made me want to get this box! I’ve seen so many reviews for other boxes but this one has been the best so far! I’ve never wanted all the products before 😂😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Me too! That’s why I ordered it. Never saw anybody do beauty boxes which has so many things in them! Unfortunately, this blogger does them occasionally and they are usually sold out in couple of hours!


  5. I LOVEEEE this picture of you – you are one of the rare girls who look amazing with bangs:) Most of the brands you mentioned I don’t know – but I love essence products (addicted to their mascara) and I actually do like dream highlighters so I will look for this one next time around. I am curious about the color corrector – will have to try it out. Glad you enjoyed your box, it’s such a fun thing to receive:)

    Liked by 1 person

  6. OH MY GOD, this seems too good to be true! Now this is finally a beauty box that I would want to get. Thanks so much for the amazing review (I love how many pictures you included). By the way, I am super jealous of your gorgeous eyes!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Looked like there was plenty of makeup for a camoflage and a reconstruction – it seemed nice to know what applying make-up looks and feels like.
    It seemed like becoming like Mystique (from the brotherhood (X-Men series)) all of a sudden.
    Wow! and Cool!

    Liked by 2 people

  8. This sounds like a fabulous beauty box to get. All the products seem like they have done a good job, especially after you posted a photo of yourself 9 hours later…most of the make up I use would have disappeared. Tempted to get the Foreo brush for myself after reading your post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This box usually has amazing contents (and you can see what you get on the website, so you can actually count the value) but it sells out so quickly and not regular (I think they took a break for a while now)


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