Hey guys!

I love trying out different apps that can possibly make my life easier and recently I came across “Lose Weight in 30 Days” app in Google Play. As I mentioned in my NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS FOR 2018 post, I really want to lose some weight and this app instantly gained my interest. So I gave it a try to see what it was about.

In the app menu, you can see Training plans, Meal plans, Reports, Reminder, Settings sections and Restart progress button.


Training plans

On the Training plans screen, you can see your progress and the list of days.


Each day features about 10-minute workout program consisting of 7 exercises on different groups of muscles. Each exercise has a voice guide, a gif showing how to do this exercise, description and a link to a YouTube video on how to do the exercise.



Also, you have a 30-seconds break between each exercise to prepare for the next exercise and rest a bit, which you can skip if you don’t need it. Every fourth day is a rest day when you give your body time to relax.


Meal plans

As we all know, what you eat is super important when you want to lose weight, so I really like that app creators included meal plans. Here you can choose between Standart Diet and Vegetarian diet plans which is also a great feature. You have shopping lists for 5 weeks and everyday menus consisting of breakfast, snack, lunch, and dinner.  I don’t really stick to this diet as I have to replace some products (like dairy) but I can say that these meal plans feel balanced and didn’t make me crave for more food on the days when I actually followed them.



In this section, you see your workout history (as you can see, I tend to be a bit lazy from time to time), weight loss tracker, which helps you to see your progress, and your current BMI.



Reminder and Settings

Here you can set reminders which won’t let you forget about a workout,  change voice settings, metric units, language options etc.



All in all, I love this app. The only downside is a lot of ads (as you can see on the screenshots) which can be annoying sometimes but can I complain about ads in a free app? Everything else in this app is perfect for me (though I needed some time to get used to the pace of exercises). I use it with two other apps from this developer (basically, the same thing only targeting specific muscle groups and without meal plans) and I actually see the result.


So, here’s my first ever app review. Not sure how it turned out but I hope you liked it! Would love to hear your feedback in the comments!

Till next time!




  1. WELl this sounds like a wonderful app! I’m very curious about it now. DO you think it could also help with people who want to gain weight?

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  2. Your review is fantastic, it gives a very clear and full overview of what that app can offer. (I am just waiting for the app what will remind me and possibly yell at me to use these type of apps:) )

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  3. I kinda freaked out at that one “flush the bloat” ad image there :’D
    I like how apps or programs can make it easier to stick to a exercise and meal routine, though I usually get bored a couple days in… The exercise images and just the layout look so “friendly” and encouraging! Great review!

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  4. You did a great job on your first review! It was very thorough and detailed. 🙂 Loved it, seems like a great app too! Might start using it.

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  5. Its my new year resolution to lose some weight too and this app sounds like the perfect app! I love that they even offer meal plans and tips as well as different sections to work out certain parts of your body which needs to lose weight. I am going to be downloading this now.

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  6. Im on day 3 using this app. I have to say I love it! Was wondering if you did the full 30 days, and if so did you lose much weight?

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    1. I did! Frankly speaking, I wasn’t too persistent (especially with the diet) but I still manages to lose about 3-5 kilos. Planning on starting this program again, this time properly!


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