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In my RIMMEL STAY MATTE LIQUID LIP COLOUR review I mentioned that I’m pretty new to using liquid lipsticks and still in search of that perfect one for me. So, I continue my journey and today I’m reviewing Makeup Revolution Retro Luxe Matte Lip Kits. I must confess. I love Makeup Revolution. Their highlighters are ones of my favorites and their eyeshadows are really nice. Plus this brand is affordable and has really cute packages. Will these lippies be my favorites? Let’s find out!

Claims: “Our new Matte Luxe Kits contain 1 matte liquid lipstick and a matching lip liner. Create your perfect lip by firstly applying the lip liner then the intense matte finish liquid lacquer for a long lasting and intense finish. Our customers asked for this, and we have listened – the most highly anticipated lip product from Makeup Revolution is here!” (according to TAM Beauty website)

Package: Lip Kit comes in a box which has information about lip products, shade name and what is supposed to be the demonstration of the color of lip products on the front and top of the box.



Here’s my problem with this: it has nothing to do with the actual shade. And I think it’s a drawback.

Lip pencil is black with Makeup Revolution logo, a sticker with a shade name.



Lipstick is in a plastic tube with a copper lid (tbh, I love this packaging). It also has the logo and the sticker on it. The applicator is a simple doe-foot. And for some reason, all of my lipsticks’ applicators were a bit bent (I don’t know, maybe they supposed to be wavy).



Value: Lip liner contains 0.035oz (1 g) of product and lipstick – 0.192 oz(5.5 ml) of products (0.227 oz or 6.5 g in total). Lip kit retails for $10.78 (on TAM Beauty website), which means that you pay approx. $1,7 for each gram of product.

Formula: Lip pencils are soft (so soft that one of them broke when I opened it) and glide easily on the lips. Though I must say that it’s the first time I come across lip liners that leave sticky and uncomfortable feeling. So I’m definitely not a fan of those. Liquid lipsticks are not patchy or streaky (except for the shade Reign but I’ll say a couple of words about this one later), take 2-3 minutes to dry, not sticky, however, they may feel a bit drying so make sure to moisturize your lips before applying it.

Vegan/Cruelty-free: TAM Beauty claims to be 100% cruelty-free. Also, these lipsticks are gluten-free. Also, these lip kits are in “Vegan” section on TAM Beauty website.

Wearability: The range features both nude and bold colors which are suitable for everyday wear and special occasions.

Longevity: These lipsticks didn’t last longer than 5 hours because I had to reapply it after every meal. I see no problem here because all my lipsticks need to be reapplied after having meals.

Shades: Retro Luxe Matte Lip Kit range includes 8 shades (some shade descriptions were written based on swatches on TAM Beauty website and I’m sorry in advance for being terrible at describing shades):

  • Reign – pink-based nude (swatched below)
  • Grandee – light pink
  • Echelon – deep nude (swatched below)
  • Noble – light warm brown
  • Regal – I’m not really sure but it reminds me of paprika (swatched below)
  • Royal – dark purple
  • Glory – dark brown
  • Magnificent – dark bluish green




This was the shade I tried the first. I was super excited and had high hopes for this one because the color looked like it would be an amazing nude lipstick and because I love Makeup Revolution(so far every product I tried from them was amazing). But as soon as I opened the box I had a question: why is this lip liner not matching? Seriously, you can see it in the swatch photo above. The lipstick itself is a pinkish nude and the lipliner is almost orange. Okay, I didn’t let this fact to bring me down and started to apply the lip kit. And here’s where I realized that I don’t like this combo. It left a weird not very comfortable feeling on my lips, was sticky and after a couple of hours became patchy in the inner part of my lips and made them look super crusty. Every time I saw my reflection somewhere I was disappointed with how I look and wanted to wipe the lipstick off. Nevertheless, my test didn’t stop there and I tried to find out what exactly causes this uncomfortable feeling. I applied the lipstick without lip pencil and it was way less sticky. Still, I have a feeling that it doesn’t fully dry (especially in the cornenrs of my mouth, the lipstick was a bit sticky there) and becomes patchy after several hours. Plus it was streaky but I don’t see a big problem here because quite a few light lipsticks go on not fully opaque. Though, I should say that I do like the shade.


So, enough negativity for this post. Let’s get to the good points.


This shade gave me a feeling that it has a completely different formula(not the lip liner, it’s still not good). It was not streaky, patchy or sticky whatsoever. Went on smoothly and held on pretty well. (How funny is that I can literally write an essay about something I don’t like and description of the good stuff takes only 3 lines)

For some reason it looks a bit patchy on camera. It is not in real life.


Okay, this shade was a bit confusing since it looks much darker on the packaging and on some swatches it is almost red. I was a bit scared that it turned out to be orange. I own some orange lipsticks (not like this shade though) but I rarely wear them because they are a little bit outside of my comfort zone. Nonetheless I like this shade. Moreover, I like this shade more than Reign and Echelon and I think it suits me the best. Its formula is the same as Echelon’s and the lipstick is comfortable to wear.


Where to buy:

Overall verdict: First of all, I’m sorry that this review turned out to be a bit negative, I really had high hopes for this product because Makeup Revolution is one of my favorite brands. Despite my disappointment in lip pencils and the shade Reign and some drawbacks, I can’t say that I don’t like these lipsticks, actually I do like two other shades and will continue to use them.

What do you think? Have you tried these lip kits? I would love to know your opinion!

Till next time!




  1. It’s a shame about the reign shade because from the images it looked very promising but the other two seem to be good choices.

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  2. Don’t apologise for negative reviews, I think they should be done, as all reviews shouldn’t be positive anyways :]!
    It’s a shame that you didn’t like these as much, because you look absolutely adorable in the colours! I’ve never tried matt lip sticks, so need to give them a go. I’m not sure how it would suit me though.
    I also hate it when lip liners don’t match, too!
    I really like the Echlon shade :]!

    Oh and you really sit black hair!

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    1. Thank you, Kelly! I’m kind of scared to give negative reviews because I don’t want to sound rude or bitchy (and I know that I can sometimes😅). I think matte lipsticks are worth trying as they are transfer-proof and more long-lasting than bullet lipsticks. But it may be difficult to find a formula that will be comfortable for you!


  3. I actually like negative reviews as long as they are written well. Not every product will be good! My favourite liquid lipsticks are the Kat Von D in Double Dare, the Bourjois ones or the NYX Liquid Suede in Soft Spoken. I heard the Maybelline Inks were also good!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love NYX Liquid Suedes (I have way too many of these) and I’ve recently bought Maybelline Inks for the review. I wish I could try Kat Van D’s lippies (they are not very affordable and not easy to buy in Russia) and I should try Bourjois ones! Thank you, Swanna!

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  4. You look amazing wearing them that by just looking at the images I think the lipstick was great until I read the review of it. I found that Echelon suits you the best. Love that you are so honest about your reviews.

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  5. I enjoyed this post, A LOT. I wonder whether the brushes were meant to be bent ? :S Either way, they look amazing on you, especially Regal omg that orange is my fave! little fun fact: the guy that founded tam beauty is married to a woman who used to be my boss, so we all used to get invited to makeup parties he had!

    M x

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  6. Living for the wig changes! I love the color reign, it would totally be my go to shade. I’m so happy to see cruelty free makeup reviews 💕


  7. I love how you give your honest opinion, both positive and negative! That makes me actually want to try these all the more. All three shades look gorgeous on you! Too bad about the lipliners – I’ve yet to find one that I actually like and looks natural…

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  8. I love that you give it such a detailed review! I love make up revolution and have a number of their lipsticks. Such a shame these kits are not the best of products but I have to say they look amazing in your pictures! 💓

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