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I really like Essence, especially their eyeshadows, and I was really glad to be able to get my hands on the new Winter Dreamin’ palette. When I opened it, I immediately thought: “Wow, this palette looks almost identical to Naked 3!”. So I decided to test it out and find out if this palette is a decent dupe for one of my favorite eyeshadow palettes or not.
Claims: “A brush and 12 gorgeous nude shades to give you a warm winter look” (according to Essence website). “Eyeshadow palette with 12 irresistible neutral shades. Ultra smooth mattes, gorgeous pearls and glimmering metallics for a perfect and unique eye make-up” (according to the backside of the palette)
Packaging: Unlike other Essence palettes I own, this one has pink cardboard packaging with winter design. The brush (thank god, it’s an actual brush!) is small and flat. It’s not my favorite but not bad at all! On the backside of the palette, you can see a sticker with claims and a tutorial for a look you can make with this palette.

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Value: The palette contains 0,5oz (14,4g) of product (a bit less than Naked 3, which contains 0,6oz (15,6g) of product). Winter Dreamin’ eyeshadow palette retails for $9,99 which means that you pay approximately $0,7 for each gram of product.
Formula: As manufacturer claims, matte shades are smooth and pigmented(not as pigmented as Urban Decay shadows but I can’t say that the pay off is bad), however, I experienced a bit of fallout while blending, which was easy to remove with a clean brush. Pearls and metallics(I would call them shimmers rather than metallics though) are quite pigmented as well. I also experienced a little bit of glitter fallout with shimmer shades, which I had to remove with a makeup removing wipe.
Vegan/ cruelty-free: Essence makeup is cruelty-free but I found carmine on the ingredients list so, I guess, it’s not vegan (correct me if I’m wrong)
Longevity: I wore these with the NYX Proof it! waterproof eyeshadow base and they lasted pretty well for about 5 hours.
Blendability: I had no issues with blending whatsoever. Matte shades are really pleasant and not muddy at all.
Swatches and comparison: Here I wanted to show how Winter Dreamin’ looks on the skin and also compare it with Naked 3 to see how similar the shades are. I really like the idea of swatching eyeshadows like Stephanie Nicole in her amazing reviews. Let me explain what I did. First, I primed my arm with eyeshadow primer and set it with powder (like usually do when I apply eyeshadow to my eyes). Then I swatched eyeshadows shade by shade with a finger and with a brush (small blending brush for mattes and packing brush for shimmers and pearls).

What I used


So here are the swatches:

WD – Essence Winter Dreamin’; UD – Urban Decay Naked 3. Finger swatches – left; brush swatches – right




Mattes are a bit powdery and I had some kickback after dipping my brush into the pan (and I used one of my softest brushes). It doesn’t bother me at all but it’s important for some people, so I decided to mention this fact.

Where to buy: essencemakeup.com or you can look for it at your local drugstore.
Overall verdict: What can I say in conclusion. I like this palette but not as much as other Essence eyeshadow palettes. And does it make a good Naked 3 dupe? I think, yes. Shades are not identical but pretty similar and make a really good budget-friendly dupe to Urban Decay eyeshadows.

What do you think? Tell me in the comment section down below!

Till next time!




  1. I have always seen this brand in boots and for some reason I have always walked passed it! This has inspired me to give it a little go! That eyeshadow palette is super pretty after all and I am sure I can make it work 💗

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  2. Want. I want everything in this post! The brushes look so cute! Kick back sucks. That’s the first time I’ve seen that phrase! I need to learn all of the beauty lingo!


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    1. I love this brush set! Took a risk to order it from Aliexpress and it’s so worth it! I’m slowly learning the beauty lingo and feel like I need to start writing them down haha!


    1. The brushes are from Aliexpress (brand Docolor). I was surprised by their nice quality! Essence has really nice products (I love their shadow palettes “All about…” and rainbow highlighter)! Thank you, Stephanie ^^


  3. First of all, your sparkling rainbow brushes are out of this world!!! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!
    Anyways ahaha, I don’t own a Naked palette myself, however, if a brand makes a product similar to a big brand I am happy to give them a go. I’ve heard of Essence before but I don’t own any of their products. If I were to find this palette, I’d definitely give it a go because the colours are really nice.

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    1. I love these brushes! They are nice and super affordable! Definitely give Essence a go once you have a chance! There may be some not so good products (or they just don’t work for me) but most of which I tried were great!

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  4. I love it when the company provides actually brushes with the eye shadow palette as it makes it much easier when you are out and about but your brush looks so pretty. The shades look great for both day and night, especially for the price.

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  5. The similarities are undeniable aren’t they??
    I love a good dupe, especially when it’s more affordable – such a useful post lovely x

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  6. wow what a great dupe! I’ve never really used essence before, I usually gravitate more towards sleek when it comes to budget friendly makeup, but after this I might have to take a look! Love the fact that it’s crueltyu free too!
    EscapesAndEpiphanies | Travel Fashion Lifestyle

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    1. I like Sleek products too, though I own only a couple (Sleek can be a bit expensive in Russia in some places). I love when affordable brands are animal-friendly!


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