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On my previous makeup review post, I told that my favorite makeup item is probably highlighter. And what comes second on my list of favorite items? As you’ve probably guessed by the title, lip products. I’m literally obsessed with lip balms and lipglosses and not long ago I started to get into liquid lipsticks. I really enjoy to try out different brands and I’m still in search of that perfect liquid lipstick that will meet my standards. Recently, I came across Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colours and was immediately drawn to them because of selection of shades varying from suitable for everyday wear nudes to bold colors like blue, grey and black. I bought some of the shades which I liked the most to try them out. Who knows, maybe they can become my #1 liquid lipsticks? So, without further ado let’s get straight to the review.

Claims: “High intensity colour with a velvety matte finish from the very first stroke!

  • Bold colour with just one stroke
  • Impressive staying power – kiss-proof, touch-proof, water-proof wear
  • Velvety matte finish” (according to Rimmel website)

Package: Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour comes in clear plastic lip gloss tube with a matte finish. The doe foot applicator is flat and does a great job at applying lipstick.



Value: One tube of liquid lip color contains 0.18 fl oz (5,5 ml) of product. It retails for about $5 which means that you pay about $0,9 per each gram of product.

Formula: These liquid lipsticks are creamy and need a couple of minutes to dry. They are not drying and feel velvety on lips, kissproof and waterproof. Lipsticks are slightly fragranced though you can feel a slight chemical smell. I also noticed that some shades are a bit patchy and need a second coat to be opaque.

Vegan/Cruelty-free: This is a tough one because I’ve found a lot of contradictory information. On the Rimmel website, you can find information that the company is against animal testing. However, Rimmel makeup is sold in China which requires testing products on animals. So keep this in mind.

Wearability: As I mentioned before, this line has a variety of nude shades suitable for everyday wear.

Longevity: I’ve taken these lippies to Copenhagen (you can check out a post about my trip here) I found that these lipsticks have “staying power up to 12 hours” but only if you don’t have meals during this time. I had to retouch my lipstick after every meal.

Shades: There are 15 shades in total:

  • 100 Pink bliss – swatched below
  • 110 Blush – swatched below
  • 200 Pink Blink – swatched below
  • 210 Rose & Shine
  • 500 Fire Starter – swatched below
  • 600 Coral Sass
  • 700 Be My Baby – swatched below
  • 710 Latte To Go – swatched below
  • 720 Moca
  • 800 Midnight – swatched below
  • 810 Plum This Show – swatched below
  • 820 Heartbeat
  • 830 Blue Iris
  • 840 Pitch Black – swatched below
  • 850 Shadow



Disclaimer: My camera died and I had to take photos with my phone, sorry for the poor quality!

Left to right: 710 Latte To Go, 700 Be My Baby, 110 Blush, 100 Pink Bliss, 200 Pink Blink, 500 Fire Starter, 810 Plum Show, 800 Midnight, 840 Pitch Black

710 Latte To Go

Latte to go

This shade is not my favorite. First of all, light nudes don’t really suit me. Moreover, it is patchy and needs 2 coats to be opaque. After a couple of hours of wearing this shade became super patchy and didn’t look good at all. So, it’s a pass for me.

700 Be My Baby

Be My Baby

This shade is my perfect nude (I think so, at least :D), not too light and not too bold. Though it was a bit streaky at first(you can see it on hand swatches), it spread nicely and looked good throughout the day (well, until my first meal).

110 Blush


This is the shade I was most skeptical about. Firstly, it’s pink. I’m super careful with pink lipsticks (despite pink being my favorite color). Secondly, it’s a cool-toned lipstick and I’m a warm-tone lover. But to my surprise, this shade turned out to be one of my favorites. It wasn’t streaky (though, for some reason, it looks like one on hand) and lasted perfectly throughout the day.

100 Pink Bliss

Pink Blink

This shade is the one I wore the most, my go-to on natural makeup days because it’s the closest shade to my natural lip color. Also, this is the shade I took with me to Copenhagen.

200 Pink Blink

Pink Bliss

Pink Blink is very similar to Pink Bliss but a bit darker. I don’t reach for this shade often but it applies nicely, not patchy and lasts greatly throughout the day.

500 Fire Starter

Fire Starter

*And here comes the poorest quality ever!* If you ask me what’s my favorite lipstick shade, I won’t hesitate and answer “RED”. That’s why I was super excited to try this shade. And worried at the same time. But Fire Starter is actually the shade that performed best out of all 9. Can’t even describe how glad I am!

810 Plum This Show

Plum This Show

I love wine shades but for some reason, it’s difficult to find wine lipstick that is not streaky or patchy (I don’t know, maybe I’m just “lucky”). “Plum This Show” is actually really nice, opaque with one coat and long-lasting.

800 Midnight


This shade is a bit patchy and needs a second coat but I love it. Really. I never had a dark purple lipstick and now I think that it would be a perfect autumn shade for me.

840 Pitch Black

Pitch Black

Okay, this shade was a bit disappointing. It’s not easy to find a black lipstick in Russian stores, let alone a good black lipstick. I had high hopes for this one but unfortunately, this shade was stricky and a bit see-through. And I’m like Cristine from Simplynailogical. I like my black to be opaque in one coat.

Where to buy: superdrug.com, amazon.com, walmart.com and other drugstores.

Overall verdict: All in all, I like the shade range and find these liquid lipsticks really comfortable to wear. However, some shades were quite patchy and some didn’t suit me at all.

Have you tried Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colours? What liquid lipsticks do you like, if any? Share your opinion in the comment section down below, I would love to hear it!

Till next time!




  1. I don’t experiment a lot with lipstick colours and I prefer ones which are close to my natural lip colour. The pink bliss is definitely my favourite from this range

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love the wide colour range you get with this set! I like all the colours actually, they all really suit you. I love that you changed your hair etc to go with each colour.

    Great review!


    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m really impressed that these actually feel velvety on the lips and aren’t drying, as I’ve been struggling to find liquid lipsticks that don’t dry my lips out! I don’t own any shades from this collection yet but I’d love to try it.

    Suffering Wanderlust

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  4. I was impressed with the shade range when I saw these in stores but I had a feeling they wouldn’t be my thing. It’s probably better I didn’t pick them up! You pull off all the shades so well. X

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I love lip products, especially liquid lipsticks. All the colours are so wearable for any day which is what I like. My favourite shade is Plum This Show 😍 I’m definitely going to buy it this week! Thanks for this great review Anna xxx By the way, your so pretty 😍

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I absolutely love this. I am a lipstick fanatic, especially Matte and this product looks awesome. I love the colors and you look so pretty in all of them! Great post, may have to you a few of these colors out myself!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. You can clearly use whatever color there is because they all look very good on you! I look weird with matte lipstick so it’s not my choice unfortunately.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Oh my, loving your post very very much. I love Rimnel lipstick to begin with and the shades are so great on your skin tone, and loved the fact that you have suitable wig to use too. My fav colour is Ruby, so lush!

    Liked by 1 person

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