I need to confess. I’m addicted to Youtube. I spend hours every single day watching videos. And I don’t think I’m wasting my time. Here I learned so many useful and interesting things: how to do makeup, what interesting books and movies are out there, a lot of exciting things about countries I love. But what’s more important, I found amazing and talented people. And in this post, I wanted to share with my 5 favorite Youtubers whose videos I enjoy watching and, what’s more important, whose personalities I absolutely adore.
1. Lex from Madeyewlook

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Madeyewlook was one of the first channels I’ve subscribed to and since then I’ve watched every single Lex’s video. I’m completely amazed by her painting skills and her looks are absolutely gorgeous. Also, I’m in love with her personality (I probably shouldn’t say this because I’ve already mentioned it in the beginning), though, I’ve never met Lex in real life, she seems very nice and genuine.

2. Mykie from Glam and Gore

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I found Mykie’s channel when I was crazy about sfx makeup (not that I don’t like it now, I’m just busier than I used to be… ok, I’m just lazy). In my opinion, she’s one of the most talented sfx makeup artists I’ve ever seen and her looks are stunning. Also, I always have a good time when I watch her videos and some of her jokes make me laugh.

3.  Kristi from RawBeautyKristi

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I wish I found Kristi’s channel earlier. Her makeup looks are so beautiful (though glam is not really my cup of tea), reviews are informative and trustworthy, she’s one of those who can motivate me and she slayed Halloween 2017 for me ( Annabelle and Chatterer are my favorites but others are also amazing! ). Kristi deserves way more subscribers than she has now.

4. Taylor from Taylor R

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I’ve never been a fan of vlogs but changed my mind when I found Taylor’s channel. I don’t know why (maybe it’s Taylor’s personality) but I never skip any of her videos and really enjoy watching her daily and modeling life in Japan and now in Hong Kong. Also thanks to Taylor I decided to keep myself fit and start eating healthily (let’s ignore the fact that I fail miserably). Oh, and I can’t forget about the star of her videos – a cute teacup poodle called Rosie (that chicken song is stuck in my head now).

5. Cristine from Simplynailogical

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Aka Simplyfacelogical aka Simplynerdlogical aka Simplysavagelogival aka Cristine the Holo Queen aka… ok, I should stop here. I should thank Cristine for my expanded nail polish and holo things collection. And if I ever die because of sarcasm overdose that will be because I watch too many Simplynailogical videos. At least, I’ll die happy. Since I mentioned the star of the channel above I can’t ignore Cristine’s cats Menchie and Zyler.

Of course, I have more Youtubers I like (much more, since I have more than 200 subscriptions) but I can’t list everyone here because some of them are not English-speaking.

Write in the comments which YouTube channels you enjoy watching. It will be really nice to find new interesting people out there.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day!







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